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Now updated for the 2014 NFL season. Start analyzing the NFL playoff races including all tiebreaker senarios today.

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The program is updated several times a week during the season. The results of each game are added soon after it ends. The program is updated again mid-week when the new team efficiency ratings are available from Advanced NFL Stats, at which time the blog with the latest predictions is also updated.

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Pro Football Forecaster is free software for making NFL Pedictions.

Make accurate forecasts of the odds of your favorite team making the playoffs at any point in the season. The software accurately forecasts division races, seedings in the AFC and NFC playoffs, even draft position. Analyze team specific senarios. Get preseason predictions as well as updated predictions every week of the NFL season.

The free software is easy to use.

Please acknowledge whenever you write about your forecasts on the internet or in other media. The full license agreement is provided with the software. The software is deployed using Java Web Start. Advantages of Java Web Start include security measures to prevent it from reading or writing to your hard drive without your permission and the ability to automatically upgrade the software as improvements are made.

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